Greentech Fuel Management, Inc.
Greentech Fuel Management, Inc.
Greentech Fuel Management, Inc.

Clean Fuel, Efficient Operation

Greentech Fuel Management, Inc. Greentech Fuel Management will bring our filtration equipment to your fuel tank. We will remove water from both low ends of the tank. The fuel will then be run through a separator to remove freestanding water from good fuel. For heating oil and diesel fuels, we will add a biocide to the tank to kill microorganisms. These processes remove 99.9% of any water from the fuel. Next the fuel is processed through a series of filters that remove particulate matter as small as 1 micron. Tank agitation removes built up sediment from the tank wall and will continue until all contaminants are removed. Fuel stabilizer will be added if necessary in order to return fuel to its true octane rating.

We service critical facilities including: Insurance Companies, Municipalities, Department of Transportation, Department of Defense, Radio Stations, and Telecommunication companies. On site you can expect the safest and most professional team in the industry. Our systems are built to the strictest standards and are continually cleaned and inspected eliminating cross contamination

Most importantly, our filtration process results in no loss of your valuable fuel, we only remove water and contaminants.

Photograph of a Greentech employee using a fuel cleaning machine.

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